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First section : Generalities and Targets

Article1 : Name of Association

The name of the Association consists and reads “ Association of Shiping and Affiliate Services” which herein briefly called Association and is a guild, scientific and guiding entity and is administered nonprofitably and nonpolitically and having no ties or tendency with any party or political group. It is set up within the frame work of Islamic Republic of Iran constitutional law, parties activity act, societies and associations complying with all the rules and regulations and other funamenals prevalent and under the sublime teachings of Islam for the the objective set out below.

Article 2 : Location of Association Association’s headquarters:

Tehran, Valiasr Ave.,Up Valiasr sq.,close to Zartosht crossroads, Danesh Kyan Alley,No.30. If necessary branch offices can be established in the town of the country upon approval of commission article 10.

Article 3 : Nationality of Association

 The association having the nationality of Iran Islamic Republic and its affiliate members declare their obligation to the constitutional law of Iran Islamic Republic.

Article 4 : Activity period of Association

The association as of its establishment carry on for unlimited period.

Article 5 : Association’s targets

 The targets of the Association as follows :

A) To initiate cooperation among members and direct them for offering optimum services in the field of shipping , shipping agency and shipping affiliate services.
B) To create mutual assistance among members and to avail facilities in this connection.
C) To gather and compile and publish views and experiences related to ship owning and agency and in case of need organizing and managing training programmes in different fields.
D) Research and examination in connection with the aforesaid targets for the purpose of promotion of throughput and improvement of shipping affairs to be put at the disposal of the members.
E) To establish connection and exchange of view with the governmental offices and institutions that are one way and another authority and connoisseur in the shipping affairs.
F) Formation of cooperative fund for the purpose of aiding the members with a view to the governing rules and regulations for creating such affairs.
G) To endeavour to settle the dispute among the members amicably or by way of arbitration, of course, in connection with the problems of business and profession
H) The presentation of plans, programmes and other proceedings which are prerequisite for the fulfilment of the before mentioned targets. Evidently, in the event that presentation and execution of such instances may be concerned somehow with the tasks and responsibilities of one of the ministries or govermental organizations, then after obtaining the concurrence of the ministry or government organization involved shall be put into force.

Second section : Conditions and manner of membership and its varieties

Article 6 :

First : Conditions of membership assignment

A) All the ship and float owners upon presentation of ship’s operation permit or the float issued by the Ports and Shipping Organization.
B) All the shipping agents upon submission of operation permit issued by P.S.O.
C) Specialists in shipping affairs upon presenting university degree in any i